Thanks for COG! Maybe some EQ in future?

I came across this a couple of days ago when I found that VLC, my go-to, Swiss Army knife player, wouldn’t “do” gapless playback, causing a little audio grief on some Bach Orchestral Suites I’d just bought (downloaded.) Nice, clean interface, without a lot of (for me) organizational clutter- I just drag-and-drop a folder containing the album I want to listen to and hit PLAY.

OK- disclaimer here: I used to be a recording engineer, so … at the risk of suggesting some “clutter”, might I put in a gentle-but-not-urgent request for some EQ? Most apps include “presets” -YUK! or 10-band, but what no one seems to bother with is the very old-fashioned Baxandall “tone controls” which graced stereos for decades and allow you to add a lttle gentle lift or cut in treble or bass, or a lot if you really crank it:

Basic bass & treb. EQ


This would allow some basic correction for particular headphones or systems/rooms. Beyond that, a simple parametric might also be useful, where you could select a centre frequency and apply some boost or cut with a fairly broad “Q” (bandwidth).

Nonetheless, it’s a fine player “as is” :slight_smile: